I’m sitting in my car, wondering how to drive home

It’s been about ten years now, and what I remember is how calm I was. I had come out of a shopping center to my car, turned on the engine: and then turned the ignition back off. Because I suddenly had the awareness that I did not know where to go. I did not know…

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Why I care about “Brain Plasticity”

For about 20 years, building and flying radio-controlled model airplanes was my great passion. I had a shop that was dedicated to building and maintaining them and was an above-average flyer. Then in 1994 my wife and I were moving into another home, and I had been putting rarely-used kitchen items into the lower section…

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TBI and Synergies of the Mind

People come to me because they are frustrated with how their life is:  financial challenges, soured or broken relationships, disabling fear, mind chatter that won’t let them sleep, don’t know what their next step is, don’t believe in themselves.  Most expect that my Akashic Record Reading or a Blessing Transmission will bring about the change…

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TBI and Dissociation – Meditation and Walking

Walking along the water's edge

What’s “Beyond Your ‘Window of Tolerance’” As my mental faculties continue to regenerate, I continue to allow awareness of concepts that I have not been able to visit before. I just read an article about Trauma and how we dissociate – are unable to know, understand or even examine some areas of our lives because…

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The Miracle Memory Method: Results to date


Memory and Short Term Learning My Blog post “Memory and Short Term Learning” notes that in 1971, brain damage was considered to be permanent. I received no treatment; none were even mentioned. Over the years, I was counseled to “play to my strengths” and not expect to regain memories or have my short-term memory abilities…

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TBI and the Wooden Leg Game

Colorful sweatshirts on a clothing rack

What’s your Sweatshirt? When I was in college, the book by Eric Berne, Games People Play was a best-seller. People usually have a Main Game they play. Berne described our Games as Sweatshirts…by how we talk, we tell people what game we want to play with them. Body language is a great lead-in for some;…

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Memory and Short Term Learning

Recovery Blue Clouds

You read the bad news…Here’s the Good News! In 1971 when I was diagnosed with 15% brain damage in the Memory and Short Term Learning areas, medical science “knew” that this brain damage was permanent. New research in neuroplasticity and other areas related to brain damage, memory loss and recovery is showing that “permanent” is only what is known at that time…

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Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury road to distance

On March 25th, 1971 I was offered a test drive in the new Porsche 914 – but the salesperson said that business policy was that the employee had to drive the car away from the dealership. I never got to drive the car. In fact it was years before I would get into a Porche 914…

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