I’m sitting in my car, wondering how to drive home

It’s been about ten years now, and what I remember is how calm I was. I had come out of a shopping center to my car, turned on the engine: and then turned the ignition back off. Because I suddenly had the awareness that I did not know where to go. I did not know how to drive home – in fact, I did not know that I had a home.

After a few moments, I meditated. 20 minutes? 30? I don’t know. But then I came out of the meditation, realizing that I should turn left as I drove out of the parking lot. So I started the engine again, drove to the exit, turned left and drove up the road. And after passing a few intersections up the road, I found myself turning right. The rest of the way, I just “knew” where to turn. Until I arrived at a green house. I stopped by the mailbox.

I sat there in the car for a few minutes. I didn’t want to turn into someone’s driveway. Yet, I felt it was my home, so I pulled into the driveway. My hand reached down and pressed a button and the garage door opened up. Yet it was like I had never been there before. And walking from the garage into the house, I was experiencing it anew, as if I had never been there before.

Between 2006 and 2014, I couldn’t remember why I was going to a grocery store. I would put sticky notes on the dashboard of my car as reminders. Back home – or the next day – I would realize that I hadn’t read the sticky note and get Q-tips or AA batteries. I would bring home some of the grocery items I intended to purchase; forget others; and bring home foods that I didn’t (and wouldn’t) eat. Like humans do, I refused to acknowledge a lot of these issues. I developed many coping mechanisms – to hide my reality from everyone else.

Since 2008 I had learned and was practicing techniques that slowly began to bring back my memory. In 2014, the changes started happening much quicker, and in 2019 the rate of change increased even more. Now in November of 2020 I am sometimes in awe and wonder at the great difference in my memory, my creativity, and body pain.

There are actually benefits to losing so much physical brain mass and mental functioning. Undeveloped areas of the brain begin to develop to help out with the brains tasks. This is termed “brain plasticity” and what a wonderful back-up system that is when the primary system goes off-line. A side effect of undeveloped areas blossoming was that what I think of as Psychic functions began to develop. Some of my experiences were unsettling. They were new, not in my experience, and I had many unconscious negative judgements about some of them. Like when I unexpectedly started making strange sounds (That was “toning” and “speaking in tongues.”) Or why did I suddenly have a sense that something was going to occur – or that what someone experienced had its cause in a “past life?

So I searched the web and learned of a one-year course to become an “Akashic Record Reader.” After three years of study and practice (remember I had lost a lot of brain and mind) I became certified to do (psychic) Readings. I learned that having access to information that’s not in my experience or knowledge base isn’t that unusual. But it just wasn’t discussed, believed and accepted in my nuclear family or conservative church experience. Yet what I sensed and speak is accepted and appreciated by the person for whom I am giving the Reading. I have personal experienced the benefits, too.

One does not have to have brain damage to benefit from these methods. These tools, these techniques will sharpen your wits no matter how Genius you are – or develop another area of genius. Who do you know who wants to study less – and learn more, and more quickly? Ask if they would want to sample these techniques by webcast – https://clearlyguided.coachesconsole.com/wednesday-webcast.html

I’m not shy about promoting the benefits of these techniques, any more. I am literally a medical miracle. Doctors said I had 15% Permanent Brain Damage in the Memory and Short-Term Learning areas. Yet now I have more memories returning every other day. I am able to learn relatively easily now; and my creativity is 5 – 6 times greater than before the concussions and sleep apnea.

Want to address brain or mind issues? This will be complementary to medical or psychological services, as I am not a doctor or psychologist. Want to have an Akashic Recording Reading to gain insights into the Why of an issue? How about breaking out of the prison of unconscious thoughts? If so, go to the Services tab above and register for a consultation. or join one of the Wednesday Webcasts…my service to anyone who wants to change how their mind functions. Do it now or – because your unconscious may want you to “do it later” so it can dissuade you. This is a Choice-point. Now.

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