Memory and Short Term Learning

Recovery Blue Clouds

The Good News

You read the bad news…Here’s the Good News!

In 1971 when I was diagnosed with 15% brain damage in the Memory and Short Term Learning areas, medical science “knew” that this  brain damage was permanent. New research in neuroplasticity and other areas related to brain damage, memory loss and recovery is showing that “permanent” is only what is known at that time…temporary level of awareness of the yet-undiscovered ability of homo sapiens.

New Methods and Techniques

Dr. Daniel Amen has spent decades exploring, analyzing, investigating and now promoting methods and techniques that were unheard of in 1971. He changes lives with tests and exercises. Dr. John Ratey with Richard Manning in Go Wild note the research that physical exertion – not your Sunday stroll – grows neurons. Or: do strenuous physical exertion, and your mental capacity increases. So I am going to ask my wife to coach me to do Planks…and more.

There’s more: Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, the world-renowned healer has healed thousands of people around the world from cancer, blindness, diabetes and more. I had three of his “Soul Mind Body Science Healing and Transmission System” transmissions. Since then, I can recall my banking account numbers; the online passwords for my bank and also my credit union accounts; the Facebook password; and several other codes and numbers I use frequently, and infrequently. It’s miraculous.

What’s next?

Well, for starters: In November there will be a book coming out, Soul Mind Body Science. It’s co-written by Dr. and Master Sha and a physicist and details how Einstein and physicists since have not seen the missing ingredient to a theory that leaps past E=MC(2).

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