The Miracle Memory Method: Results to date


Memory and Short Term Learning

My Blog post “Memory and Short Term Learning” notes that in 1971, brain damage was considered to be permanent. I received no treatment; none were even mentioned. Over the years, I was counseled to “play to my strengths” and not expect to regain memories or have my short-term memory abilities return. This is somewhat a medical treatment standard today, but there have been major discoveries regarding the ability of the brain not only to be retrained but also to grow. So-called Executive Functions are not generally considered to return if lost, primarily Willpower, Judgement and what I group together as Creativity – what an entrepreneur uses to develop and manage a business. But children and adults can learn to gain or regain considerable ability to function without assistance in society, unless the brain damage to executive functions was too great.

There arose for me in 2005 an issue more serious than memory and short-term memory loss. I found out why for the previous six months, my ability to work had dropped to less than 2 hours a day. My executive memory functions were failing. Traditional and Alternative doctors and healers said I had no “disease” – nothing listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference. One did note that I was displaying “increasing systemic failure.” I didn’t know what that meant, but the term sounded fatal and no treatment method was slowing the loss of capability – not even an 18-month experimental thyroid treatment.

skyDr. and Master Sha

Searching more widely for healing, I discovered an MD and Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor who was holding 7- to 10-day intensive retreats to teach people how to heal and rejuvenate. After web-casting a shorter retreat, I signed up for 11 days with him and 400+ others in Hawaii. “Intensive” was an accurate term – the sessions usually went from 10 am until 2 or 3 am! (we did get meal breaks) And within a week of returning home, I was aware of unmistakable change for the better. Recovery of physical health was very slow, as I could not consistently remember to practice the methods taught by Dr. and Master Sha. Yet I still was recovering. Most of this recovery was physical; memory was still missing, as was vitality…thriving.

Fast forward eight years

The last two years as Dr. and Master Sha discovers more potent healing methods and techniques and as I continue to go to his retreats, memories of names and places are returning. When driving I would see a Home Depot, Safeway or Rite-Aid sign and pull in, remembering that I wanted to get an item or three. Before this, even if I wrote those on a sticky note and stuck it to the dashboard, I would be back home without the items and perhaps not notice the note until the next time I drove. Now I don’t use sticky notes, I just remember to get items – more than 50% of the time.

At first I was speechless, almost overwhelmed by the surprising changes – hope and relief sometimes brought tears to my eyes. Now I am used to new memories surfacing, remarking with joy to family or friends about what I just remembered. Some of this is because stressors are releasing; other causes seem to be much deeper and not mentioned in research I read. My motivation to continue using Dr. and Master Sha’s methods and techniques grows stronger because not only am I recovering or restoring health and memory but I am coaching others to make dramatic changes in their lives, even if they have not had traumatic brain injuries. And they change; overcome blockages; achieve what had eluded them.

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