Webcast - New Renaissance Online Event

Webcast - New Renaissance Online Event

Masters of the Far East, the Middle East, and Asia developed techniques over millennia for one purpose: Enlightenment. Developing psychic powers such as Third Eye or Channeling wasn't the intention; they appear as a byproduct of one's awakening. Terry has pursued enlightenment since 1976, studying with masters and enlightened beings. During these Wednesday Webcasts, he'll lead you to experience powerful techniques that you can replicate by yourself.
The What, Why, and How of using mantra to bring enlightenment.

  • Cleansing the 7 Major Chakras; Why; and practices for each
  • Developing the six Major energy centers to evolve
  • Moving through the Dark Night of the Soul, if it comes
  • Guided meditations for empowerment
  • Opening the Heart - the energy center with no limit!
  • Forgiving ourselves, to release latent power.
  • Soul, mind, body alignment is integral to each exercise.
  • Yes, there's more. Each week you'll build more of your foundation.

Enlightenment refers to a state of heightened awareness. Moments of great awareness and clarity usually do not last because we haven't developed a foundation yet to support that level of awareness. These Wednesday Webcasts will give you the building blocks for that foundation. This is a coherent set of methods to evolve consciously…intentionally.

In addition to the methods taught, you may want individual guidance. When you register for the Wednesday Webcast, you'll have an option to Register for a consultation with Terry at a discount. An acclaimed Reader at New Renaissance bookstore, you'll appreciate Terry’s wisdom and channeled guidance.

Terry McGill offers these Wednesday Webcasts through New Renaissance Online Events.

Wednesday Webcasts: $25

Akashic Record Reading PLUS the webcast: $85