Wednesday Webcasts

Rewire your Brain!

Wednesday Webcasts

Rewire your Brain!

Enhance your Brain, Enhance your Consciousness! Every Wednesday

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Pacific Time (Portland Oregon USA)

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What’s your opinion about enhancing the brain?

Researchers have been digging into living brains since the early 1900's. Probing different areas with electrodes; placing electrodes all over the skull to measure brain activity as they stimulate the subjects in a myriad of ways; their research is astonishing! The researchers have isolated the areas where the brain has localized the functions for speech, vision, smell, Fight-Flight-Freeze, and so much more than we ever hear about.

For those with brain/mind impairment, whether through accidents or from birth: neuroplasticity or brain plasticity offers recovery to some degree, in most instances.

For me, I was at times unable to know how to drive home. Or that I had a home. Sleep apnea - not breathing enough during sleep - caused many of my brain cells to die from lack of oxygen. As more died, the ability of my brain to function began to shut down. I lost the ability to stay focused; then energy and stamina was depleted and I needed more and more sleep each day; and my memory deteriorated significantly. Fortunately: “The human brain has the amazing ability to reorganize itself by forming new connections between brain cells (neurons).”

I hope it’s obvious that I recovered! These Wednesday Webcasts will give you the steps I took to recover, techniques that I used - and we'll practice with them so you have that experience. Each Wednesday - click below to register!

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