TBI and Synergies of the Mind

People come to me because they are frustrated with how their life is:  financial challenges, soured or broken relationships, disabling fear, mind chatter that won’t let them sleep, don’t know what their next step is, don’t believe in themselves.  Most expect that my Akashic Record Reading or a Blessing Transmission will bring about the change that they desire.

95% of the time:  it won’t.  Why not?  Here are three main reasons:

  • The issues that frustrate us – 95% of them – are chronic. Over the years, we develop adaptations that won’t clear in just one session.
  • Our deep beliefs that “we can’t change – or we would have by now!”
  • Thousands of unconscious habits hindering our ability to change.

Consider These Keys To Making Life Changes

Look at how Neuroplasticity affects you.  This term refers to an important survival mechanism of our brain. It’s why we can we recover abilities that were held in an area of the brain that was severely injured.  Our brain stores information in many areas of the brain.  That was crucial for survival when our early ancestors carried clubs, and used them on us!

“So what? I haven’t been hit on the head with a club!” Well, there are other ways acquire brain damage:  emotional abuse; drug use/abuse; destructive diets; stress disorders; inherited conditions; and much more. And there’s hope for everyone.

Consider this:  “A consequence of the brain’s plasticity is that the brain may change with every experience, thought and emotion, from which it follows that you yourself have the potential power to change your brain with everything that you do, think, and feel. So brain fitness and optimization (in our case: making changes in our lives.  tm) are about much more than crossword puzzles and blueberries; they are about cultivating a new mindset and mastering a new toolkit that allow us to appreciate and take full advantage of our brains’ incredible properties.”   (Reference #1 below)

Here’s the physicist Dr. Rulin Xiu’s observation (she is defining Spirituality in scientific terms):  our normal behavior is to judge, discriminate, desire, and have attachments.  Change can occur when we increase Connection – a quantum physics term.  Here’s my layman’s understanding of Quantum Entanglement giving Connection: consider two specialists sharing their experiences with each other: – it increases the awareness of both of them.  Their Connection creates Quantum Entanglement. So we can increase our capacity for change by expanding our awareness. Fernandez puts it this way:

We need to expand our vocabulary: ‘IQ’ and ‘memory’ do not encompass all of the brain’s functions. The brain is composed of neuronal networks serving distinct functions, including various types of memory, but also language, emotional regulation, attention, planning, and many others. This is important because our life and productivity depend on the functionality of all these brain functions, not just one.”    (see Reference #1 below)

Dr. Xiu recently taught how to increase brain functions: the process of regular meditation (specifically, “moving into Emptiness” which is a deep state of meditation) and tracing Tao Source Calligraphy brings the greatest change. (Tao Source Calligraphy has recently been brought to the world by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha in several books…see below)

Fernandez says this from a medical/psychological model:

  • “… the more a network of neurons is activated (e.g., the more often the neurons fire together), the stronger the connections become. If a network supporting a brain function is repeatedly stimulated through practice and training, it will become stronger, contributing to the optimization of that brain function….”

Dr. and Master Sha and Dr. Xiu teach that we must practice constantly to bring about change.  If we stop practice, we degenerate.  In Fernandez’ words, “the less a network of neurons is activated the weaker the connections become, and weak connections end up dying. This accounts for the popular idea ‘use it or lose it’ — brain functions that are not stimulated end up losing their efficiency since the neural networks supporting them weaken or dissipate.”    (Reference #1 below)

Some changes are literally impossible to do by one’s own efforts – and not just for those who have experienced Traumatic Brain Injury.  Are you unable to make the changes you want?  If EFT and Hypnosis, Reiki, Past Life Regression, Re-Birthing and more haven’t given you the life you want, there’s a reason:  the effectiveness of the techniques and/or the capability of the practitioner have not addressed the root cause of your condition.

When sleep apnea disabled me, I went to Western Medical specialists, then with no results, went to several Naturopaths, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shamanic Healing and the techniques listed above.  They slowed down my degeneration…but did not heal me.  For me, the Master Sha Process was the key.  Trained as a Western Medical Doctor, he became a Doctor of Traditional Medicine, an acupuncturist and ah herbalist.  He then developed and teaches  specific quantum level, practical methods and techniques.

And they worked for me.  I’m now happy and healthy. Since 2009, I have been sharing what healed me. The brain damage including memory; the fears that used to hobble me; and the courage to reach out and support those who still have the desire to thrive.

If you haven’t given up your dream, contact me. I can help.



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Soul Healing Miracles by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

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Soul Mind Body Science System by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha and Dr. and Master Rulin Xiu

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