Further develop your Seven Major Chakras

Further develop your Seven Major Chakras

August 27th - 3:00-4:00 PM at Metatron's Pyramid Open House

284 S. Second Street, Kalama WA 98624

Illustration of human energy body with aura and chakras in meditation

This Experiential Workshop will introduce you to the power of Tao Calligraphy, which carries Source frequency and vibration. We'll clean the 7 major chakras and the Zhong Mai, then activate dormant potential to enhance these 7 major energy centers.

You'll learn these powerful ancient techniques, using this quantum-level tool that empowers the process beyond what has been possible.

Book with Tao Calligraphy is included with workshop registration. Using Tao Calligraphy for yourself, students or clients gives you a tool for transformation that you may find phenomenal.

Applications: for personal evolution, or with students and clients.

Purchase Now: $55

Terry McGill

When his life was saved by a Grandmaster from China, Terry McGill grabbed at the opportunity to study with him - two to three months a year since 2008. Certified by the Tao Academy to teach and heal.

Terry reveals the simple, practial methods that healed and then transformed him. He accesses the Akashic Reocrds for context and guidance.

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