Guess what! From doing the money clearing with you. I think a miracle happened. I used to work at grocery store in California and Washington. I just found out I have pension benefits, and some I can collect on now. I tried to find out years ago, and could never find the right phone number! then I get a letter in the mail this past week to contact them! so grateful!

Dee G August 3, 2016

I had a medium pain twinge in my upper back from a pulled muscle that had bothered me for several days, Terry fixed it in an off the cuff moment towards the end of a 30 min session. We had talked about various things during the session then at the end he casually asked if I needed any energy Healing for any physical ailment (or words to that effect) I said yes and mentioned my back, Terry then literaly sang a whimsical little song while occasionally jumping around in his seat a bit. I thought hmmm this is interesting....but didn't really give it a second thought until I realized later that day, my back pain was completely gone, and has never come back!

My takeaway from that first session was "huh, that low key quaint gentleman is quite the voracious energy healer". Well, months later I popped in to see Terry again for a little wrist pain I had been experiencing. Once again, Terry sang his interesting little songs and scribbled cool little diagrams and various sentences while he sent energy Healing to my wrist etc but then it turned into a much more dramatic experience as Terry began to access my guides, angels etc. with a very unique perspective. My takeaway this time is too personal and amazing to discuss in this forum but let me just say that I can highly recommend this healer (and channel), Mr Terry McGill to anyone with an open mind and an appetite for discovery!

Kat Jefferson August 2, 2016

When I received my Root Chakra blessing to clear blockages, the transformation was dramatic and instant. After Terry helped to clear soul blockages in my first soul house, as well as the Root Chakra Channel to the Sea of Chi, my energy level the very next day was tripled! I was amazed! Usually around 2pm, I get the office yawns and struggle through the rest of my work day, but I was focused and strong all day and into my evening routine – it was nothing short of incredible.

By using the simple daily practice suggested by Terry, I have been able to sustain my new energy levels. Thank you, Terry!

Rachel T. April 20, 2016

I suffered for many years with extreme pain in my right hip, some of it caused from injury, some of it caused from internal adhesions from surgery. Deep tissue massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, Reiki were just some of the ways I dealt with it but I had reached a point where I was really ready to be done with it. Terry verified for me a suspicion I’d had for a long time. The persistent pain I was still experiencing was coming from an ancestral energy pattern that I was holding onto in my body. He provided a way for me to let it go and I’ve been pain free now for several months. I can’t really explain what he does or how he does it. It’s a magical combination of toning and singing offered up with gentleness and deep love.

I highly recommend his work and I’d say seek him out as one of your first choices rather than waiting until it’s the last resort.

Ingrid June 7, 2015

There is a softness inside you and a greatness of desire which I experience of you to serve and help another with the pain and difficulties of their life. You have an amazing quality of being able to place this desire into focused attention and action.

Shawna Cecil January 4, 2015

Space Clearing by Terry McGill transforms both the space and the lives of the people who inhabit that space. Let me tell you about our living room where I could not live.

For a couple of years now I have felt increasingly uncomfortable in that room, and avoided being there with my mother and husband. My husband has been complaining of feeling very depressed and unable to think clearly; my mother sits in her chair and falls asleep. These phenomena have steadily worsened in intensity. I was noticing that Mom could not stay awake for more than a few moments there, even after just having a full night’s sleep. I could not sit in my chair without feeling extremely uncomfortable and anxious.

Terry was able to discern very quickly that the chairs had brought something malevolent with them when they were delivered two years ago. He also was drawn to the emergency Life Station monitor and detected grief there. My husband sits in a direct line to that device. Terry asked him about the passing of his mother. My husband was very surprised that Terry sensed his unresolved grief around this event. He lost his mother when he was twelve. The monitor was triggering that enormous grief.

Terry then began healing and clearing. Both my husband (definitely a skeptic!) and I felt better. After Terry left he kept saying, “How did he know about my mother?”, and “I feel different…better”. Mom came out of her room, sat in the chair and stayed awake and alert for hours. She had no idea what had transpired. I sat in my chair and felt nothing but comfort.

The next morning, my husband awoke feeling lighter, was able to think more clearly, and had no trouble getting out of bed to start his day. Mom was more alert and didn’t doze off in her chair at all. I felt much freer and more at peace, and eager to join my family in the living room. I had those chairs custom made and my husband could not understand why I spent that money and then wouldn’t sit in mine.

Thank you, Terry!

Linda Watson December 28, 2014

I have been dealing with chronic headaches since 2011. The session (with Terry) was fascinating! It felt like my spirits were finally lifted, I was energized again, so happy – I could not stop smiling! Now at almost a month later I still do not have my chronic headaches!

S.J. December 28, 2014

A warm glass of water on a cool day. A kiss from a puppy. A laugh from a child. To me those are the most soothing and perfect analogies I can think of for a soul healing from Terry McGill. I have had numerous healings from Terry. From the start they were gentle, beautiful, and life changing experiences. I’ve always left actually feeling healed, soothed and comforted.

When I’m there I know God or the Divine is actually working through Terry to love and heal me. Terry is also very intuitive and has certification to read the Akashic Records and as a Soul Healing Teacher and Healer. There are times when it feels good just to know where the challenge I’m working on comes from, whether it be karma or a blockage or lack of love. If you get a chance to share healing with Terry you will certainly be blessed, I know I am.  Terry is the first one I call when I need help whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

My life has definitely changed for the better because of Terry and his service to us all.

Lori Svendgard December 28, 2014

Terry’s work is amazing and beyond words. Each session is its own divine “experience”. I could feel things happening, tingling, vibrations, each time different things. Once when working on clearing throat issues, my throat actually felt cleaned out and larger for two days and I sounded differently! It was amazing. Overall the changes were very subtle. My life just flowed more easily. More synchronicities are occurring and I know I am creating them! I felt deeply blessed by the entire process. Terry is doing amazing work and I highly recommend his blessing you with this Grace he is now sharing.

Morgine Jurdan, Animal Translator December 28, 2014

That was…what…‘nailed’ is the word that comes to mind. Your words spoke to the thoughts on my mind that I haven’t shared with anyone. Thank you for your generosity.

Love, Judith December 28, 2014