Becoming You

Becoming You

If you’re reading this, you have an awareness that there is more to this life than what you have achieved. I suffered from this same malady for decades, with my quest leading me to guides, teachers, shaman, masters, and even a saint. Here are my life’s lessons to date:

Until we discover, extricate, polish, and refine our Purpose in this world, we won’t become what we were designed for. Instead, we’ll…

  • Feel entitled rather than worthy
  • Blame others for our failures…or blame ourselves
  • Put our toe into the water rather than jump in
  • Live frustrated rather than seeking solutions

Full Disclosure: We don’t change overnight. We evolve in stages, and each one may be similar to the journey the caterpillar takes to become a butterfly. At that point, we move to the next stage of our life. But before that, we rewrite segments of our programming to change negative information to positive information.

Our programming is 95% unconscious, so without a guide we simply follow blind alleys, go down dead-ends; reverse, try something else. I did that for several decades before discovering teachers and a mentor who Knew what I needed to clear – knew how to show me to do it – and could remove the inner blockages that I wasn’t able to move.

Do you believe in magic? It will seem like it at times. It did for years, for me, until I saw the universal laws and became able to See, to Know, to guide seekers to their Holy Grail. If you want to learn more:

Ready to find out more?

If you have tried processes that didn't work for you — but haven't given up hope — contact me for the changes your heart longs for.

Terry McGill has been trained by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha and others and is Certified by the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment to teach, offer soul healing blessings, and Read the Akashic Records to bring perspective to one’s life situations.

Terry can also offer Divine healing blessings that clear blockages from your life in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas, in finances and relationships; and can offer Divine healing to pets.