Space Clearing

December 28, 2014

Space Clearing by Terry McGill transforms both the space and the lives of the people who inhabit that space. Let me tell you about our living room where I could not live.

For a couple of years now I have felt increasingly uncomfortable in that room, and avoided being there with my mother and husband. My husband has been complaining of feeling very depressed and unable to think clearly; my mother sits in her chair and falls asleep. These phenomena have steadily worsened in intensity. I was noticing that Mom could not stay awake for more than a few moments there, even after just having a full night’s sleep. I could not sit in my chair without feeling extremely uncomfortable and anxious.

Terry was able to discern very quickly that the chairs had brought something malevolent with them when they were delivered two years ago. He also was drawn to the emergency Life Station monitor and detected grief there. My husband sits in a direct line to that device. Terry asked him about the passing of his mother. My husband was very surprised that Terry sensed his unresolved grief around this event. He lost his mother when he was twelve. The monitor was triggering that enormous grief.

Terry then began healing and clearing. Both my husband (definitely a skeptic!) and I felt better. After Terry left he kept saying, “How did he know about my mother?”, and “I feel different…better”. Mom came out of her room, sat in the chair and stayed awake and alert for hours. She had no idea what had transpired. I sat in my chair and felt nothing but comfort.

The next morning, my husband awoke feeling lighter, was able to think more clearly, and had no trouble getting out of bed to start his day. Mom was more alert and didn’t doze off in her chair at all. I felt much freer and more at peace, and eager to join my family in the living room. I had those chairs custom made and my husband could not understand why I spent that money and then wouldn’t sit in mine.

Thank you, Terry!