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Pain Relief

Kat Jefferson
August 2, 2016
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Pain Relief

I had a medium pain twinge in my upper back from a pulled muscle that had bothered me for several days, Terry fixed it in an off the cuff moment towards the end of a 30 min session. We had talked about various things during the session then at the end he casually asked if I needed any energy Healing for any physical ailment (or words to that effect) I said yes and mentioned my back, Terry then literaly sang a whimsical little song while occasionally jumping around in his seat a bit. I thought hmmm this is interesting….but didn’t really give it a second thought until I realized later that day, my back pain was completely gone, and has never come back!

My takeaway from that first session was “huh, that low key quaint gentleman is quite the voracious energy healer”. Well, months later I popped in to see Terry again for a little wrist pain I had been experiencing. Once again, Terry sang his interesting little songs and scribbled cool little diagrams and various sentences while he sent energy Healing to my wrist etc but then it turned into a much more dramatic experience as Terry began to access my guides, angels etc. with a very unique perspective. My takeaway this time is too personal and amazing to discuss in this forum but let me just say that I can highly recommend this healer (and channel), Mr Terry McGill to anyone with an open mind and an appetite for discovery!

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